17 weeks

Today marks the 17th week of Little Baby Thomsen having home in my belly. It’s latest picture is above! We tried very hard to get baby to smile and show us it’s goods at our checkup yesterday; however, we have a modest little one. There is a lot of excitement lingering in the Thomsen household […]

Wiggle Worm

Today’s doctor appointment went as well as could be expected. I was able to really take a good look at our baby that’s thriving and not focus so much on what isn’t. It’s still tough, it will probably always be tough, but this post is to share what is good, and that is of pictures […]

Baby Photos, Take Two

This morning Don, myself and my lovely mother met with the high risk OB team over at LutheranĀ General. I am officially in love with my doctor (in the “I trust him to delivery our babies and not let me die” kind of way). So there we have it… a doctor. Kind of a big step […]